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Innovation, sharing and growth is our company’s cultural foundation. we want to be the most popular, intelligent and charity group based on our culture ,products and service.


  • Gear brushless dc motor
  • PM DC motor
  • Gear stepper motor

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  • Common Troubleshooting Tips for Motors

    Common Troubleshooting Tips for Motors At present, any machining equipment needs to be equipped with a corresponding motor. The motor is a kind of equipment that is mainly responsible for driving and transmission. If the machining equipment wants to operate effectively and continuously, it is ind...

  • Types and specifications of brushless motor winding machines

    Many devices have certain standards in the industry, and they will be classified according to the configuration and use of these devices, including models, specifications, etc. The same is true for the winding machine industry. As an essential tool for the production of brushless motors, the emer...